Thursday, August 18, 2011

My foxes. Mine.

Old news for me, but probably new to you, I have a family of foxes living in my neighborhood.  I don't know if they're weird because of growing up in a city, or because that's how foxes are, but they're odd.  Every time I see one, it stops, makes it a point to look at me, scamper off, and then look at me one last time.  It's like they're saying "yeah, I let you see me, I'm that awesome."  And they'd be right, I love foxes.  They ARE that awesome.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to try something.  I decided to try and leave food out for them.  They out number the raccoons who like to dig through my garbage, so I wasn't worried they wouldn't get it.  They're sneakier.  My neighbor's dog is also a chickenshit, so no way would he try anything.

Anyway, it worked.  I noticed them on my porch a few days before I started this blog.  Gobbling up every little bit of kibble I left them.  Yes, kibble.  They love it, you hush.  They could see me through my window.  I was sure they'd scamper off to do whatever it is foxes do in the middle of the night.  Play fox games and go to fox parties, I'd guess.  Okay, now I know I'm tired.

Good night!

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