Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I should really know better...

...than to post while intoxicated.  My apologies. 

I figured the weird animal noises I've been hearing were due to whatever killed foxie sticking around looking for more food.  And possibly nibbling on her corpse, but...ew.  So a few days ago I called the Humane Society (after asking my sister-in-law what to do about the dead animal out in the field), and they sent someone out to take care of the remains while I was at work.  It made me feel a little better, as I didn't have to take the long way to work to avoid looking at her. 

As for my mystery predator, I have NO idea what the thing was making all that noise.  I went through sound clip after sound clip trying to puzzle it out.  Not a bear, not a cougar, not a raccoon, wolf, coyote, or even a badger.  And I have serious doubts about it being a dog or a cat, especially since I ruled out the bigger stuff.  Which means it's either an animal I haven't thought of yet...or it's a person.  But since I haven't heard anything since my little Wasty the Clown impression, maybe if it was a person, they've moved on.  Or got bored.  Whatever. 

I'm all scabbed over, but the cuts I had are healing nicely.  I hardly ever scar, so I'm not too worried about that.  It's nice not having my coworkers make "emo cutting" or "Edward Scissorhands" jokes at my expense anymore, that was fun.  And by fun I mean annoying. 

It was also sad that passing out drunk may have given me the best night of sleep I've had in months.  At least it felt that way once I chased away the hangover.  No nightmares, no sleep paralysis, no leaving my front door open (that one's a miracle, considering how drunk I was).  Makes me wonder how much rest I can get before my liver runs off to find a healthier host. 

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