Friday, September 2, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Yes, I just dropped a Wizard of Oz reference on you.  I'm weirded out, humor me.

This time of year, before it gets too cold to do so, I tend to sleep with my bedroom window open.  I'm usually lulled to sleep by the sounds of distant traffic, the occasional late night return of a neighbor, and more frequently, the foxes playing out in the field behind my condo.  But ever since the she-fox died, the poor thing, I haven't been hearing much of anything.  Until last night.

I could not begin to tell you what animal was making the noises I heard last night.  All I can tell you is that they were highly unnerving, and kept me up for at least half the night.  I've heard that coyote cries are creepy as hell, but I found videos online and lemme tell ya, this thing (very sure it was only one animal) sounded nothing like a coyote.  Not even a little.  I may have some idea of what tore up my sneaky little dinner guest now, and it sounded big.  I checked the news for reports of a bear or a cougar possibly coming down from the mountains, seeing as we're just in the foothills, but I didn't see anything.  Maybe I can talk to my brother and his wife about what could make a noise like that.  She works in a vet clinic specializing in wildlife, and my brother sometimes goes along to help her out.  They might have a better idea than me, knowing would make it seem a lot less scary.  I need to ask her what to do about my mauled little friend anyway. 

It gets better.  After I actually did get to sleep, I had another bout of horrifying sleep paralysis.  Super fun!  And by "fun" I mean "awful."  Nothing I have tried has worked, and I'm still skeptical of trying medication.  I kinda like my brain the way it is.  I've heard horror stories about what Ambien does, I can only guess what would happen if I tried pills for this.  I must have slept rough before that, too, as I apparently had kicked the covers completely off the bed by the time I was awake and able to move.  I even knocked some of the knickknacks off the windowsill above my bed.  I'd apparently flopped around enough that I cut myself on some broken glass or something.  Nothing that needed stitches, thankfully, but I'm taking down all the heavy and breakable stuff from up there just in case.  My sheets made it look like I'd been murdered.  Joy. 

Luckily, I didn't have work today.  Which means after I calmed the hell down from my awful, awful morning, I got to do...absolutely nothing.  It was grand, after I managed to bandage everything up.  I'm now going to continue this lazy-ass trend and call this post done.  Later!


  1. If the sounds happen again can you try to record them? Maybe someone reading your blog can identify them.

  2. If my voice recorder worked worth a crap, that might be an option. I've got a good ear, I figure if I spend enough time on Youtube I'll recognize it.

    *shrug* Whatever, it's not like it's coming from my living room.

  3. Foxes can be a problem. And in an urban setting they are worse. If something killed your fox it wasn't a dog. You prolly have something worse around your place. Im really suprised the fox let you pet it. Normaly they tend to try to bite the shit out of you. I have foxes too you see... Everyone here blames my dog for the smell... but when am male fox sprays it stinks to high heven.... but foxes are a top food chain preditor.Dono where you live but here we dont have bears and wolves or any thing like that.