Thursday, October 13, 2011

He came back.

It was just like every other time, but I was aware of what was happening.  I was dead asleep, and I slowly realized I was awake, aware, and completely paralyzed.  That lasted for what seemed like an eternity, and then I heard him.  Padding slowly into my room, and then noiselessly climbing onto my bed.  It then moved onto my back, digging claws into my shoulders.  I was reminded of a cat kneading things with its paws, but with much sharper and larger talons.

Then something new happened.  Or I was aware of something that I had not been privy to previously.  It began whispering in my ear.  I don't recall any specific words, just a sense of dread for what it might say next, and a feeling of pure malice from the sounds it was making.  Part of me hoped it would just end things quickly so I wouldn't have to be so afraid of it anymore.

And then it bit me.  Right on the meat where my neck and shoulder connect.  I couldn't even work my throat to scream.  Or I was screaming like crazy and nothing was coming out.  Once it pulled away, it let out a wet gurgle of satisfaction, and then it was over.  I sat up once I could move again, and found no trace of its passing, other than my front door (which I had locked) swinging open.

The bite mark and the wounds on my shoulders hurt like hell.  I cleaned them as best I could, and after my last hospital visit, I won't be going back there under my own power.  Not if I can help it.

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