Monday, October 24, 2011

I get it now, I think.

What the Rake was saying.  It was talking about life, death, the horrible things that happen in between, and what might be waiting after.  I won't go into detail, you don't need to hear the exact words.  Nor do you want to.  That's why most people can't handle what he says to them.  This isn't the kind of thing sane people are ready to deal with.  Of course it's possible I'm completely bonkers and I'm just inventing all this.  But I doubt it.  I've been dead, remember?  That kind of thing just doesn't rattle me the way it used to...before. 

Something I didn't mention after the past couple of visits: I could move, slightly.  And I wasn't afraid.  Of course, I haven't seen him since he murdered my brother and the woman he loved.  I'm sure he'll turn up.  He's been with me this long, I doubt he'd vanish on me that easily.

Did I mention I haven't really been sleeping?  Like, at all?  I know that was the point of this blog in the first place but I've been actively avoiding sleep for a while now.  Days, maybe?  It all runs together now.  

I also have another thought.  I don't think the Rake can lie.  He doesn't need to.

I've started sleeping with a knife under my pillow.

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