Monday, October 3, 2011

Monsters are real.

That is a sentence I never expected to be typing out, not seriously anyway.

The thing was in my room.  While I was awake.  I was not hallucinating, it was there.  I woke up around four in the morning, something was making noise at the foot of me bed.  The streetlights coming in the window barely illuminated it, and I was confused as to whether it was a naked person or a hairless dog.  It...whatever it was was making wet noises, and I wasn't sure if I should help it or cave its head in.

I sat up, trying to get a closer look.  That was when it turned to face the bed.  The face was vaguely human, what I could see of it.  It kept most of its face below the edge of the bed so I couldn't make it out.  But it's eyes.  My god, it's eyes, they were solid black, and wet.  Like two liquid voids simply taking up space where eyes should be. Cold seemed to radiate out from them, chilling me to my core.

And then it left.  It darted out my bedroom door, and it was gone.  I got out of bed, slowly, and crept into my living room.  The front door was ajar, and there was no other trace of the thing.

I need to find out what the fuck that was.  Just as soon as my heart stops trying to climb out of my throat.


  1. Shit, picked a helluva day to quit drinking.

  2. I was hoping for your sake it wasn't the Rake, just hallucinations and sleep paralysis. You might want to start your research here.

    If I were you I'd avoid the rest of that site unless things other than the Rake start coming after you. No point terrifying yourself with things that AREN'T stalking you. I'd say get a gun but that didn't seem to help Hunter. I've heard rumors though that the herb Rue repels him.

  3. This blog and this one will be helpful if it is the Rake. Faustus is the one who figured out the rue, among other things.

  4. I'll look into it, guys, thanks. And if this is what's going on, I owe wabonan an apology for deleting his comments.