Friday, October 21, 2011

It just keeps taking from me.

My brother and his fiancee both died last night.  I'm...sort of numb right now.  But maybe I should type this all out before I break down.  Yeah, that might be best. 

The police told my family that my...sister-in-law, I guess, was driving my brother to the hospital.  They'd found a wounded animal outside their house, and it had attacked my brother.  Tore him to shreds.  So my sister-in-law was driving him to the hospital.  She'd called me to let me know what was happening.  I can still remember every noise, every detail of that conversation.  She was speeding.  She mentioned a large hairless dog had done this to my brother.  Then, screaming, she said she saw it again.  The phone cut out while I was nearly deafened by screeching tires. 

The police said she had swerved to avoid hitting...something, and drove head-on into a large oak tree.  Neither of them in their panic had bothered with seatbelts.  The steering column went right through the middle of her.  My brother bled out in the back seat. 

It was the Rake.  He took them from me.  And there are almost too many tears for me to see the screen now. 


  1. get a movement srnsor from radio shack costs like 30 bucks... and sleep with a shotgun loaded with buckshotn oe slugs... I alternate buckshot then slugs

  2. I appreciate that you're trying to help, but with all the work I've missed and having to pay for my brother's funeral, I barely have enough money left to feed myself.